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Come see us for all your automotive lpg needs, we specialise in lpg wof's, certs & repairs. We are also certified LPG installers including the latest technology injection systems. If you are considering converting your vehicle to LPG give us a call.

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What is Lpg? Lpg stands for 'liquid petroleum gas' and is a high octane fuel made up of a propane and butane mix LPG is stored in a special cylinder as a liquid, the liquid is dispersed to the engine via a regulator and then enters the engine as a vapour. There are different types of LPG systems.

Variants in lpg systems vapour – this is the most common of LPG systems, where the LPG vapour enters the engine through a gas mixer attached to the engine air intake system, this system is suitable for carburetor engines and some fuel injected engines.

LPG injection systems – this system has been designed to operate on electronic fuel injected engines, where LPG is injected in to the engine the same way as petrol, this system offers easier starting, better performance and improved fuel economy.

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What are the benefits of using LPG? Some benefits are

  • LPG prices are lower than petrol prices, and diesel prices (when Road user chargers are factored in)
  • LPG is considerably cleaner than petrol and diesel when it comes to emissions
  • Cleaner burning means longer engine life
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